This book is a practical professional development framework guide designed for First Nation and Indigenous Leaders, Government Leaders, and Not-for-Profit Government Organizations who interact with Canadian Indigenous People. In addition to these groups, this book may be of interest to the Indigenous population in Canada, institutions of higher learning, and anyone who has an interest in examining value systems and how they are displayed in the bureaucratic environment.

The content is theory based on experiences living and working in holistic and hierarchical value systems. Contrasts between the two system are explained. As well as the misunderstandings and confusion that can occur when the implementation of one value system influences the other. This phenomenon is often seen within First Nation and Indigenous communities who are striving to govern with their underlying cultural values, while striving to remain at par with other governments who value hierarchical structures; and is also seen in organizations who develop policy, provide funding, or provide services for our Indigenous population. 

The frameworks provides can assist First Nation Leaders in decision-making processes within their unique communities; and assist affiliated and associated governing bodies and services provides in decision-making process that better respect and reflect the needs of the Indigenous population they interact with. Results of use of these frameworks can help restore communal and intergovernmental relationships; in addition to promoting mutual reconciling and respecting based on the increased understanding of the two said value systems.